What to Look for in Namibia Car Rental 

There’s no better destination for a self-drive safari than Namibia. Here, long, straight roads slice through scenic arid spaces luring you onward to an abundance of attractions and activities.

All kinds of travelers are attracted to these vast panoramas and infinite fascinations. There are those that choose to make the most of their trip by roughing it camping-style, while others prefer the creature comforts offered by luxury accommodations at top destinations.

Either way, car hire is one of the most important considerations for any trip to Namibia.  Forget what you’ve heard before, this is all you need to know about Namibia Car Rental –

  1. 4×4 Car Rental Is a Must

While you may be able to negotiate the major roads with ease while driving a sedan, you aren’t visiting Namibia to drive around the major centers all day long.

The going can get rough out there, beyond the city limits. Most of the roads are gravel and slippery when wet. A 4WD car rental will get you where you want to go and ensure you get the most out of your trip.

  1. Choose a Namibia Car Rental Company That Cares

Choosing a local, owner-run car hire agency is the top choice for your travels around Namibia. Nobody is better qualified to help you choose the right vehicle for your travels. They know what can go wrong and what to do if it does.

Large international car hire companies can never hope to be as in tune with Namibia’s unique conditions.

  1. Fuel Consumption is a Major Consideration

Fuel stations in Namibia are few and far between. Be sure to choose a 4WD rental that’s fuel efficient and has a long-range fuel tank. When you do arrive at a service station, fill her up! Every time.

  1. Be Prepared

Spare tires and knowing how to change them are essential survival skills while travelling in Namibia. There’s a slim chance someone will be along to help you if you pick up a flat on an isolated road. Be sure to hire a vehicle with at least 2 spare wheels if you’re travelling away from the city centers.

  1. Don’t Pack Light

Namibia is a safe destination for travel and considered ‘Africa for beginners’. It’s still part of Africa though, so be prepared for any eventuality.

Being a desert-country, Namibia gets extremely hot during the day. You should always carry water in your vehicle, and non-perishable snacks too. You’ll be so grateful you did when the road is long with seemingly no end in sight.

In the event of a breakdown, you’ll be happy you picked a vehicle with enough space to pack all the extras.

  1. Consider a Camping Car Rental

On the subject of traveling prepared, choosing a 4×4 rental that comes ready-equipped with camping gear is an excellent way to tour the country.

Since camping is a popular activity in Namibia, you’ll come across many campsites scattered all over the country. When you have all the gear with you, you can overnight more often. It’s also much cheaper to rent a campsite for the night than a self-catering chalet.

The Finer Details

When hiring a car, it’s important to know that the vehicle you choose is safe and roadworthy. Ask to see the service records of any vehicle that you hire before signing the rental agreement.

Read reviews to see what other travelers have to say about the 4×4 rental company you’re considering.

Finally, one last insider tip is to choose a white vehicle – they’re a lot cooler to drive in the African heat. 

Zambezi Car Rental can assist with all the above and more. Get in touch to discuss your Namibia Car Rental needs and let’s start planning the drive of your life.

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