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Zambezi Car Rental offers 4x4 Off-Road Car Hire and Rental in Namibia, providing 4x4 Off-Road vehicles for camping trips and other adventures.

Zambezi Car Hire | Namibia Car Rental

The decision of which Namibia car rental company you choose to use can make or break your trip to this southern African country. You can’t rely on public transport to get you where you want to go, and while guided tours are appealing, they limit you to an itinerary with no freedom to explore at whim.

Without the independence that 4×4 car hire Namibia offers, you’ll miss out on some of the best parts of the country and never enjoy the freedom of a self-drive safari.

Namibia car rental means you create your own schedule, wandering wherever the wind blows. You choose the ‘where, when and what’ of your experience.

You can root out the best bargains and unique pieces at arts and crafts stalls, spend time admiring the depth and beauty of local artworks, and stay for that extra piece of cake at a coffee shop.

Booking a Namibia car hire with Zambezi Car Rental means you can watch the sun sink into the horizon in your 4×4 from wherever you choose and linger in the glow for as long as you want. There is many an unknown joy to be discovered on an impromptu stop in a tiny village or hidden spots where no tour buses dare to go.

Quite simply, Namibia car rental removes the stresses of time restraints, allowing you to benefit from your trip in the way you choose.

Those who take advantage of pre-booking a 4×4 car hire in Namibia have a distinct advantage when it comes to game viewing in Namibia’s National Parks.

You can stop for a while at the waterholes and wait for game to come to you, revel in the antics of small creatures that may not interest tour guides on a schedule or spend hours at a secluded hide watching the world go by.

For real adventurers, camping is one of the great joys of travelling to Namibia, and it’s impossible without a 4×4 Zambezi Car Rental vehicle at your disposal. When taking a self-drive camping trip in Namibia, you experience the vast stillness of the land in an entirely different way. Camping lets you discover the true meaning of solitude and self-reliance.

Some see it as a life-changing way to travel.

While choosing Namibia Car Rental is the obvious first choice for serious travellers, you also need a vehicle that matches your adventurous spirit.

The Benefits of a 4×4 Namibia Car Rental for a Self-Drive Safari

Off-road trips in Namibia begin and end with your choice of vehicle. The majority of roads in Namibia are gravel and easily traversed with an ordinary sedan. However, especially during the rainy season, many of the smaller roads become impassable without a trusty 4×4 rental to depend upon.

Namibia offers a host of exciting off-road trips and adventures, many in some of the country’s most exquisite places, that are exclusive to 4×4 drivers in Namibia.

A 4×4 will get you out of most situations that you may come across on Namibia’s roads and a reliable 4×4 Namibia car rental is the obvious choice for safe, convenient travel.

To make the most of it all, you need a Namibia car hire company that’s on the same page as you are. A reliable 4×4 Namibia car rental with all the optional extras is the obvious choice for safe, convenient travel.

Why hire a Namibia Car Rental from Zambezi Car Rental?

Quite simply, Zambezi Car Rental is your top choice for 4×4 rental in Windhoek, located just 20km from Hosea Kutako International Airport on the way to the city. If our word is not enough reason as to why you should hire a Zambezi Car Rental – customer feedback from happy campers speaks volumes:

Excellent! The only choice for car rental in Namibia!
25 January

Excellent customer service! Jacques was super helpful! Will use them again!
3 December 2018

Owner-Run Car Rental in Namibia

The company has enjoyed enormous success since its inception in 2017 due to the hands-on approach of the owner, Jacques van Coller. His passion for people, travel experiences, the great outdoors and his company is evident from your first interaction and is followed up by impeccable service and attention to detail.

Zambezi car rental offers 24-hour service for all clients and will collect or deliver your vehicle to any destination in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana or Zambia. For added convenience, you can hire a vehicle fully-equipped with all the necessary camping gear and camping equipment you could possibly need for your trip.

Every vehicle is maintained with intimate care and undergoes a full inspection after every rental. Maintenance and servicing of the vehicles is carried out with strict adherence to industry best practices.

Plan an Exciting Namibian Safari with Us

You can go so much further on a self-drive safari with Zambezi Car rental, the best Namibia car rental specialist for all your 4×4 needs. Get in touch today to find out how we can make your car hire Namibia 4×4 booking, an experience that ticks all the right boxes.

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